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Tuesday, 10 January 2017 15:19


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Our new Hero i-Size offers comfort and safety from birth up to 105cm height.

With 360 degree swivel access, the child seat can be switched from Rear facing to Forward facing - with a one handed operation.



360 degree rotatable child seat allows you to get your child in and out of the car easily and without stressing the back.

Reboard: Safe, rearward facing travel position up to 105cm.

Intuitive one-hand touch for all important functions.


Isofix connection for an east and secure installation in the vehicle.

Space saving, foldable wings for maximum side impact protection.

Hero safety system prevents belts from slipping or twisting and makes buckling easy.

Safety indicators let you know the seat is secure at a glance


Flexible insert cushion for optimal, ergonomic fit.

Height adjustable head support with memory foam.

Comfortable seating foams provide necessary comfort.

Seat recline position in both directions.


Lateral Trunk Support - adjustable

Abduction Block

Added Head Support Insert Cushion

Added Seat Insert Cushion


Monday, 14 October 2013 15:17


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Our new Starlight rehab child car seat has been developed
to provide comfort with support for special needs children
from 9kg up to 36kg. Suitable for most cars and available
with a host of options including Iso-Fix.

Starlight is equipped as standard with a 5-point comfort
harness, with shoulder and abdominal padding,
and an easy to use one position recline function.



  • New product to market for young children.
  • age groups from 9kg up to 36kg.
  • Super slim Swivel Turn-out base for left side (right side optional).
  • Built in recline function, with greatly increased recline option available.
  • 5-point comfort padded harness is standard.
  • Optional Lateral trunk supports
  • Otional Footrest, Playtray, etc.
  • Iso-Fix adaptor (for stability in vehicle).
  • Crash Tested.
  • Qualifies as a special needs vehicle adaptation.
  • Standard colour Grey, other colours available to order.
Model........ Seat Width........ Seat Depth........ Back Height........ Code
Starlight.. 200-280 mm....... 250-300 mm...... 320-420 mm...... Starlight
  • Standard - 5-point comfort harness with abdominal and shoulder padding
  • Standard - insert seat cushion for young children
  • Standard - Inbuilt one position recline adjustment
  • ST001 - Swivel car seat frame for left side
  • ST002 - Swivel car seat frame for right side
  • ST003 - Lateral trunk supports, includes backrest insert pad
  • ST004 - Adjustable footrest
  • ST005 - Padded playtray
  • ST006 - Crotch pommell
  • ST007 - Increased recline angle - up to 15 degrees extra
  • ST008 - ISO-FIX stability adaptor (vehicle seat belt must always be used)
  • ST009 - Seat protector mat - protects car seat upholstery
  • ST010 - Buckle cover - prevents children opening harness buckle



Sunday, 22 July 2012 10:22


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‘Lets - Go’ is a new range of car seats for children with special needs.  Suitable for fitment to most car types the ‘Lets-Go’ is located by means of the existing 3-point safety belt fitted in the rear seat,

Available with a range of options and adjustments,  allowing complete comfort and postural management for your child.  

The ‘Lets - Go’ seat is easily adjusted in seat depth and harness height providing ample growth opportunities.

Size Variations

Lets - Go 1. - Approx ages 3-10 yrs
Lets - Go 2. - Approx ages 5-12 yrs 
Lets - Go 3. - For up to 75 kgs

LetsGo is a new range of fully adjustable special needs  seating.  3 sizes available with excellent posture support options and backrest recline function.  Slimline seat cushions allow more space and headroom inside the car.


  • Excellent new product to the market.
  • 3-frame sizes available for children of up to 75kgs.
  • Super slim Swivel Turn-out base for left side (right side optional).
  • Optional lateral, head, side and leg supports.
  • Iso-Fix adaptor (for stability in vehicle).
  • Uses vehicle seat belt to secure the child.
  • Adjustable footrest, pommell, playtray, options.
  • 5-point harness is standard, with abdomenal padding.
  • Crash Tested.
  • Qualifies as a special needs vehicle adaptation.
  • Backrest with recline function.
Model...............Seat Width..........Seat Depth..........Back Height........Code


  • Standard- 5-point harness with abdominal and shoulder pads
  • LG004 - Swivel Seat Frame for left side
  • LG005 - Swivel Seat Frame for right side
  • LG006 - Adjustable Footrest for Lets-G0 1
  • LG007 - Adjustable Footrest for Lets-Go 2+3
  • LG008 - Padded Playtray for Lets-Go 1
  • LG009 - Padded Playtray for Lets-Go 2
  • LG010 - Padded Playtray for Lets-Go 3
  • LG011 - Lateral Body Support - Slimline
  • LG012 - Lateral Body Support - Deep
  • LG013 - Added Shoulder Supports
  • LG014 - Abductor Pommell
  • LG015 - Outer Leg Supports - left and right
  • LG016 - Headrest with side support for Lets-Go 1+2
  • LG017 - Headrest with side support for Lets-Go 3
  • LG018 - Headrest with side support and kickback for Lets-Go 1+2
  • LG019 - Headrest with side support and kickback for Lets-Go 3
  • LG020 - Seat Belt Guide
  • LG021 - ISO-FIX adaptor (vehicle seat belt must always be used)
  • LG022 - New - 10/15 degree recline option


Sunday, 22 July 2012 10:20


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The Sirona seat safely seats your child Rear-Facing
from birth up to 18kg, approx. 4 years of age.
The clever 360 degree rotating swivel-base offers
versatility while making getting the child in and out
easy.  Sirona has a multi-position recline feature,
for comfort and sleeping.
Sirona can also face-forward from 9-18kg,
while using the adjustable safety cushion
provided as standard.











Leading consumer organisations recommend that children remain
in rear-facing seats for as long as possible, as rear-facing child seats
can reduce the risk of injury in a head on collision by more than 80%,
when compared to conventional forward-facing seat with harness system,
as the force of impact is distributed over a larger area.


Sirona has been successfully crash tested according to ECE R44/04.

Suitable for Children 0 to 18 kgs

  • For children from birth to 4 years of age approx.
  • One-click installation in vehicle Iso-fix system only.
  • Rear-facing with 5-point harness (0-18kg).
  • Forward-facing with safety cushion provided (9-18kg).
  • 360 degree Swivel access base for left or right hand side.
  • Tilt in Space function.
  • High level of postural management and supports available.
  • 5-point harness is standard with centre pull tensioner.
  • Crash Tested.
  • available in a range of colours.
  • Qualifies as a special needs vehicle adaptation.


Sunday, 22 July 2012 10:18

Booster Harness

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Booster with Harness

A booster seat with 4-point harness system,
suitable for car and bus applications.
The system easily adjusts to provide support
for children from 15kg to 36kg.
With its integral 4-point harness and extra 
support, the booster harness system is a 
convenient and cost effective solution to keeping
special needs children properly positioned and secure
for the journey.




  • Adjustable Booster Seat with harness
  • 4-point fully adjustable Harness with centre buckle
  • Adjustable harness shoulder height
  • cross strap at mid chest (optional)
  • Suitable for children from 15kg to 36kg
  • Simple fitting to both car and bus seats
  • Iso-Fix for greater stability




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